CharlesMufutuli Vineyard Ministries
began as a result of the vision of Charles Simoonga. As a pastor and man of God, Charles is bringing the knowledge of Jesus and the Love of God to a third world community that just doesn't make the radar of most Christian ministry organizations. Charles had a vision for a Christian education center, orphanage, health care clinic and church that touch the lives of many people in rural Zambia who otherwise would never be exposed to such resources. Hear Charles' Vision

As a farmer, Charles is raising bananas, maize and other cash crops to feed the community, provide income for the orphanage, a Christian Education and Training Center and church planting initiatives. After spending years managing 'white man's farms', where local people do the work and the benefits are exported to Europe, Charles wanted to do farming in a way that benefits the people he wants to reach for Christ.

Mufutuli Vineyard Ministries is derived from the passage of John 15: 1-8 where Jesus as Mufutuli (Tonga word for Savior) is the true vine and we are the branches, and as the Lord commands in Matt 28:18-20, have joined the Lord through the Mufutuli Vineyard Ministries sharing the Gospel through farming, leadership training, education, benevolent works and other areas of human endeavor. See More Video of Stories From Africa